Join the Arbitration System

Companies wishing to join

When a company joins the consumer arbitration system it is a sign of their commitment and a guarantee of the added quality of the products and services they offer their clients. Companies can join the system through a Consumer Arbitration Board and will be given an official sticker to display in a prominent place within their establishment which can also be used on their advertising materials and company documentation.

Their registration will be published in the Official Bulletins or Newsletters in the area to which the Consumer Arbitration Board belongs.


Who is it for?

All companies or commercial establishments.


Time frame

Companies can ask to join at any time.



This procedure is free of charge.



Documentation required in order for companies to join the Arbitration System:

Instructions on completing the Public Offer to Join the Consumer Arbitration System form.


In person

It should be presented to the Consumer Arbitration Boards, and the Arbitration Board in the territorial area in which the company mainly carries out its activity will be responsible for processing the application.

The company or professional is understood to mainly carry out their activity in a particular area when it sells its goods or services exclusively through establishments that are open to the public in that territorial area.