If you would like to submit an arbitration request, then you can do so by using this online form. Once your request is being processed, we will contact you to let you know the reference number assigned to your case.

Instruction for filling out the arbitration request form.


(1) When the claimant is not acting on their own behalf


(*) camps obligatoris


I promise to comply with the resolution reached, and declare that I have not presented this arbitration request to any other Arbitration Board and have not filed a claim before any legal bodies.

Clearly specify your claims
That you act as mediator, where applicable, between myself and the respondent company in order for both parties to come to an agreement.

Also you can send the documents

The documents can be sent by post or email (.pdf or .docx) or can be submitted in person to the:

Consumer Arbitration Board of Barcelona
Ronda Sant Pau, 43-45 - 2ª
08015 Barcelona

Tel: 93 402 33 44 / 677 467 277