Here you can check the list of FAQs and answers on what to do if, as a consumer, you want to submit an arbitration request. If you can not find an answer to your query here, you can contact us using the form found on the “Would you like to submit a query?” page.

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I've got a problem... what can I do? 

You can submit an arbitration request to the Barcelona Consumer Arbitration Board either in person or electronically, in order to resolve any disputes you may have with a company, retailer or professional.

Where can I go to make a claim?

To the Barcelona Consumer Arbitration Board, Ronda Sant Pau, 43-45, 2a. planta.

What documentation do I need in order to make an arbitration request?

The Consumer Arbitration Board has an arbitration request form. However, you can also submit a brief document in which you outline the dispute that has arisen between the parties and attach all the documentation related to the matter.

What is the Consumer Arbitration Board?

The Consumer Arbitration Board is an administrative body that manages consumer arbitration. It provides technical, administrative and secretarial services through a number of different arbitration bodies which act in a totally impartial manner, respecting the principals of a fair hearing, contradiction and equality between the parties.


Is filing an arbitration request free of charge?

Yes, it is free for both parties.

How long will it take to find out if the respondent company accepts the arbitration or not?

The answer depends on how long it takes for the company to respond. However, the time frame established in applicable legislation is fifteen working days from the date the decision to accept the arbitration request is received. If no reply has been received after this period the Arbitration Board attempts to obtain a response to find out whether or not the respondent accepts the arbitration request.

Do I need a lawyer to present an arbitration request to the Board?

No, you do not need a lawyer.

Do I need a lawyer to attend an in-person hearing once the respondent company accepts arbitration?

No, you do not need a lawyer. However, it is optional, if you believe it would be a good idea to attend the hearing with a lawyer.

I can't attend the in-person hearing, what can I do?

If the reason you are unable to attend the hearing is something you can justify, such as an illness, travel, etc. you will have to provide documentary evidence and the arbitration body will decide whether or not to suspend the hearing. Another possibility is to authorise a family member or another suitable person to attend on your behalf.

How long does it take the arbitration body to reach a decision?

The time it takes to reach a decision is six months from the start of the arbitration procedure and once the mediation process is completed. This may be extended for a period of no more than two months.

If I do not agree with the decision, what should I do?

It is not possible to have the dispute considered again. All you can do is asked for any errors to be corrected in terms of calculations, typographic errors or similar, or you can ask for clarification on specific points of the resolution. With regard to possible faults or defects in terms of the process or procedure, you can take the case to the Civil Division of the High Court of Catalonia and ask for the decision to be overturned. The circumstances under which this type of action can be taken are detailed in the Arbitration Act. The decision has to be executed even if you have called for it to be overturned.

What is an arbitration resolution?

It is a decision that has the same character as a judicial ruling whereby both parties are obliged to comply with the decision reached.

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