Here you can check the list of FAQs and answers on what to do if, as a consumer, you want to submit an arbitration request. If you can not find an answer to your query here, you can contact us using the form found on the “Would you like to submit a query?” page.

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I have had a problem related to a consumer matter. What can I do?

In order to resolve any conflict you may have with a business or shop owner, or professional, you can submit a request for arbitration directly to the Barcelona Consumer Arbitration Board or online. Submitting a request for arbitration is incompatible with lodging a lawsuit or administrative complaint on the same issue.

Where can I go to file a complaint?

In Barcelona, you can file a complaint with the Barcelona Arbitration Board either in person with a prior appointment at Rda. Sant Pau, 43-45, 2nd floor, or via our website. For locations other than Barcelona, you can forward your complaint to your town’s arbitration board, if it has one, or to the Catalan Consumer Agency.

What is the Consumer Arbitration Board?

The Consumer Arbitration Board is an administrative body which manages consumer arbitration by providing technical, administrative and secretarial services through different arbitration bodies, which act totally impartially, respecting the principles of fair hearing, confrontation and equality between parties.

Is filing a request for arbitration free of charge?

Yes, it is free of charge for both parties.

May I submit a request for arbitration against any business or professional?

Yes, consumer arbitration not only works when businesses are affiliated with an arbitration system but can also be requested when the parties explicitly agree to resolve consumer conflicts via arbitration.

How can I find out whether a business is affiliated with the consumer arbitration system?

The Barcelona Consumer Arbitration Board publishes an updated list of the affiliated businesses on its website, which you can consult via this link.

What documentation do I need to request arbitration?

The Consumer Arbitration Board has an arbitration request form. However, you may also submit a brief text explaining the conflict (allegation and claim) between the parties and attach all the documentation on the matter (consumer receipt and prior complaint).

How do I make a prior complaint with the company or professional?

The prior complaint can be made with an official complaint form, which should be stamped by the party against whom the complaint is being made, or you can provide proof that this complaint has been made by any other means (registered fax, exchange of emails, response letter from customer care, etc.). If the business or professional does not respond within one month, you may directly submit a request for arbitration with proof of the prior complaint.

If you have difficulties making the prior complaint to the business or professional, you may go to the Municipal Consumer Information Office (OMIC) in your town.

What are the reasons that may lead a request for arbitration to be rejected?

Any conflicts regarding intoxication, injury, death or issues involving rational signs of crime, including liability for any damages directly stemming from them, may not be the subject of consumer arbitration.

Matters that are not freely at the disposal of the parties also cannot be subject to arbitration.

I am a self-employed individual or a business. May I submit a request for arbitration?

Self-employed individuals and micro-enterprises may submit a request for arbitration in their consumer relationships with companies providing basic and ongoing services.

In order to be considered a micro-enterprise under the regulations, the business must employ fewer than ten people or have an annual turnover of under €2 million.

How long will it take for me to find out whether or not the business against whom the complaint is being made has accepted the arbitration?

The answer to this question depends on how long the business takes to respond. However, the period stipulated by the applicable regulations is 15 business days from receipt of the decision to the admission of the request for arbitration. Once this period has elapsed, if the business has not responded, the Arbitration Board will take steps directly aimed at getting a response.

Do I need a lawyer to submit a request for arbitration to the Board. and to appear at the hearing?

You do not need a lawyer to submit a request for arbitration or to appear at the hearing. However, you may choose to have one if you think it would be beneficial.

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