How do you carry out an arbitration process?

1. The arbitration request is formalised at the Consumer Arbitration Board of Barcelona.

     a. from the website of the Consumer Arbitration Board
     b. in person, to the Arbitration Board
     c. through the Municipal Office of Consumer Information (OMIC)

2. Once the request has been accepted for processing, the details will be passed on to the respondent company.

3. If the respondent company is registered with the consumer arbitration system or has accepted arbitration, the arbitration body is appointed:

  • if the disputed amount is less than 300 euros and the matter is not complex, the arbitration process will be resolved by a single arbitrator, selected from the arbitrators appointed by Barcelona City Council.
  • in all other cases, an Arbitration Tribunal will be appointed, consisting of 3 arbitrators.
      1. a person representing the consumers
      2. a representative of the business sector involved
      3. the president of the Arbitration Tribunal appointed by Barcelona City Council

The appointed arbitrators will act in a totally independent, impartial and confidential manner.

4. If the request is resolved through the arbitration process, the respondent company will be able to claim any outstanding sums of money owed to them by the consumer, where applicable.

5. The parties will be called to a hearing which can be either a written hearing or an in-person hearing, and where necessary, any evidence will be examined.

6. The procedure concludes with a resolution, passed by the arbitration body, which both parties must comply with.

7. If the respondent company does not accept arbitration, the arbitration case will be filed, leaving the possibility of following ordinary legal channels open.